2023 Personal Stories with Gastric Balloons for Weight Loss

Gastric Balloon Weight Loss Testimonial

Weight loss is a challenging goal for many people who struggle with obesity and its associated health risks. It requires not only self-motivation but also external factors that help them boost their determination and support from their loved ones. There are many solutions out there but one of the options that some may opt for to achieve their weight loss goals is the use of a gastric balloon, a non-surgical device that is temporarily placed in the stomach to reduce its capacity and make them feel full with less food.

Gastric balloons are generally a safe and effective way to lose weight without surgery or medication. These are some inspiring stories featuring four individuals who successfully made changes to their lives with gastric balloons. You will learn how they overcome their challenges, achieved their goals, and improved their health and happiness.

Patient Story #1: Georgie

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Georgie is a UK woman who has been overweight since childhood. She always felt self-conscious about her appearance and avoided being in front of the camera. She said, “I’ve never been to any videos with my family. I just didn’t like what I looked like in the pictures.” She wanted to change her life, but she didn’t know how.

Having her first child triggered her weight gain, and it worsened after her second. She hated her body and felt depressed as she did not like how she looked.

Georgie also revealed that the gastric balloon is not a magic solution. She said, “You need to work hard to lose weight and eat healthy while consulting your doctor.” She explained that the gastric balloon helped her control her appetite and portion size, but she also had to make lifestyle changes.

“I started to exercise more, drink more water, and avoid junk food. I also followed the advice of my doctor and dietitian who monitored my progress.” She added that the gastric balloon was a great tool, but not a miracle. “It’s up to you to make it work. You have to be committed and motivated.”

Patient Story #2: Farez Adnan

Farez Adnan is a singer who was depressed because of his weight problem. He wanted to look attractive and meet the market demand of the entertainment industry. He also had an eating disorder that made him overeat and vomit.

He decided to undergo a gastric balloon procedure at a hospital and it took only 20 minutes. A 550cc balloon was inserted into his stomach through his mouth without endoscopy. It was said that it made him feel full faster and eat less.

He said he was ready and hoped to see the results in one or two months. He was advised to avoid solid food and drink only a little water. For the first few weeks, he shared that he felt tired because of the lack of food in his body but he was also aware that the gastric balloon was not a magic solution, but an effort to lose weight and improve his health.

After having the balloon, Farez started working on incorporating his active lifestyle and took part in a workout program with Hemma Fit, guided by Sharifah Sakinah to start a balanced lifestyle.

Patient Story #3: Zarina Anjoulie

Zarina Anjoulie Allurion Balloon

Zarina Anjoulie is an actress and influencer who wanted to lose weight. She chose the intragastric balloon procedure, which is a way to reduce the size of the stomach by swallowing a balloon.

She shared her experience of undergoing the procedure on her Instagram. She posted a video of 6 minutes and 28 seconds, showing how the balloon was inserted into her mouth and down to her stomach. She said the procedure was painless and quick.

Zarina said the balloon would help her control her appetite and eat less. She also said she would follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly. She said the balloon was not a magic solution, but a tool to help her achieve her weight loss goal.

Patient Story #4: Dot

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Dot is a mother of four who loves dancing and hiking. However, her weight and osteoarthritis problems prevented her from enjoying her hobbies and living a healthy life. She needed knee replacement surgery, but her BMI was too high for the NHS to operate on her. She tried many diets, but none of them worked for her.

Then, she found out about the gastric balloon program, a non-surgical procedure that reduces her stomach capacity and helps her eat less. The program also provides her with support from a surgeon, a dietitian, and a psychologist who help her understand her eating habits and make healthy changes. Her family was also very supportive and helped her document her journey. In just six weeks, she lost 21 pounds and felt much better. She could breathe easier, swim for 20 minutes, and enjoy food without obsessing over it. Her goal is to lose another 32 pounds and get her knees fixed so she can go hiking again.

Dot is very happy with the results of the gastric balloon program and recommends it to anyone who is looking for a safe and effective way to lose weight and improve their health. She says it’s not just a diet, it’s a lifestyle change that will make you happier and healthier. She believes it works wonders for her.

These are just some of the inspiring stories of people who have successfully lost weight with gastric balloons. Gastric balloons are a non-invasive way to lose weight without surgery or medication under the supervision of a medical professional. They help people achieve their weight loss goals by reducing their appetite and increasing their satiety. We know that being overweight can affect your physical and mental health, and make you more prone to diseases like diabetes, heart disease, or stroke. Like every other weight loss solution available, losing weight can be challenging especially if you have tried many diets and exercises without success. Gastric balloons are not a magic pill, but they can be a powerful ally in your weight loss journey.

Please seek advice from a qualified doctor to assess eligibility for this program.