Gastric Balloon Prices in Singapore & Malaysia (Updated)

In recent years, weight loss has become a big industry in Singapore and Malaysia. From traditional diet and workout programs to alternative options, like gastric balloons, there are various options out there for people looking to lose weight. Also, there is an array of weight solutions out there to choose from depending on your health needs and price range.

Many people are now starting to look at their weight loss as a form of investment, especially for their health in the long run. Diet and exercise, while still effective, does not work for all people. At the same time, not everyone has the time and resources to commit to a specific diet program or register for a gym membership.

Nowadays, it is common for people to save up for a weight loss solution that brings them more immediate results to kickstart their weight loss journey. Bariatric surgeries are an example of more permanent weight loss solutions that people opt for, especially those diagnosed with serious levels of obesity.

For people looking for non-invasive weight loss solutions, gastric balloons have gone in popularity. Gastric balloons take up space in the stomach that food normally would. As a result, it makes you feel full despite consuming less food. It also delays digestion, making you feel full longer and crave food less.

Some of the popular gastric balloons in Singapore and Malaysia include Orbera®, Spatz3, and Allurion. We will talk about their functions, side effects, and price. From there, you can choose which gastric balloon best suits your weight loss goals.

Allurion Balloon Programme 2023

Allurion Balloon

One of the latest brands of gastric balloon in Singapore and Malaysia is Allurion Balloon. Allurion addresses problems and concerns through its innovations that previous gastric balloons haven’t.

Unlike other gastric balloons, Allurion does not require any surgery, endoscopy, or anaesthesia. The deflated balloon comes in a capsule attached to a thin catheter. It allows you to swallow the balloon with a glass of water, making the placement easier and less invasive. According to published clinical studies, 99.9% of people succeeded in swallowing the Allurion balloon.

An X-ray is done to ensure that the capsule sits properly in the stomach. Upon placement, the vegetarian casing of the capsule dissolves, revealing the deflated balloon. It is then filled with 550ml of purified water, or until it is the size of a grapefruit. Another X-ray is run to see the balloon is properly filled. The whole balloon placement is administered by a certified medical professional and only takes 20 minutes.

Allurion Balloon lasts four months in the stomach. After that period, a time-activated valve opens, allowing the balloon to deflate. The remnant of the balloon passes through the gastrointestinal (GI) tract and is naturally excreted out of the body through a bowel movement. With that said, if you opt to have the balloon taken out before the four-month period ends, and endoscopy is needed for the removal procedure.

Moreover, within four months, it is said that the balloon helps to lose 10-15% of total body weight. Results may vary for different people, depending on the body’s reaction to the balloon and the lifestyle choices made after the balloon’s placement. A clinical study, involving 509 patients, also revealed that 95% of average weight loss with Allurion can be sustained at 12 month follow up.

Since the product launched, over 40,000 Swallowable Weight Loss Balloons have been successfully placed worldwide. There may be some possible side effects upon the placement of the balloon, including nausea, abdominal cramping, and occasional vomiting. However, in most cases, these are temporarily well-controlled with the commonly prescribed medications.

Allurion balloon costs starts from SGD7,500 onwards in Singapore and MYR14,900 onwards in Malaysia.


Orbera® is one of the longest brands of gastric balloons in the market, with over 20 years and has distributed over 300,000 balloons worldwide. A difference between this balloon to swallowable gastric balloons in Singapore and Malaysia is that it requires endoscopy and sedation.

Before the placement, a diagnostic endoscopy is done to ensure that the body is ready for the procedure. The patient is sedated through the use of general anesthesia. Once mildly sedated, the deflated gastric balloon is passed using a tube through the mouth to the stomach. The balloon is then filled with a sterile saline solution using a syringe. The whole process takes up to 30 to 40 minutes.

Orbera® lasts for six months. As the period, the balloon is removed through a similar procedure using endoscopy. It can help lose around 12% total body weight loss.

With that said, like other medical devices, Orbera® comes with some risks and possible complications. One may expect to feel some nausea, throwing up, pain, and acid reflux upon placing the balloon as the body’s still getting used to it. Moreover, a U.S. clinical study shows that within 160 people (125 of which have Orbera® gastric balloons placed), 39 reported nausea, 137 reported pain or discomfort, 121 reported throwing up, and 48 reported acid reflux, following the day they had Orbera®. Also, 7.5% of patients have early balloon removal due to various reasons.


The final gastric balloon in Singapore and Malaysia is Spatz3. Spatz3 is similar to other gastric balloons in the market. It requires endoscopy and anesthesia for the placement of the balloon. Like Orbera®, Spatz3 also lasts in the stomach for six months.

A defining feature of Spatz3 balloon is its dynamic-adjustable balloon system. Studies show that the balloon can diminish after three months. Between the 4th and 6th month, one may opt to have the volume of liquid in the balloon be increased to prolong the presence of the balloon in the stomach. At the same time, the volume can be decreased to avoid your body’s intolerance to the gastric balloon

Spatz3 is said to help lose an average of 14% total body weight within six months. After the treatment period, the balloon is removed through a similar procedure, again with the help of sedation and endoscopy.

Some of the possible side effects with Spatz3 include nausea, cramping, vomiting, and heartburn, especially during the first three to five days. A study also shows that 7.5% of patients that used the balloon have had early balloon removal, again, due to various reasons. Other complications may include bloating, peptic ulcer, diarrhea, intestinal obstruction, aspiration pneumonia, and others.

Spatz3 gastric balloon costs around SGD1200-1800 in Singapore and MYR3000-MYR4000 in Malaysia.

Which is Best?

There are several factors to consider when it comes to choosing the most suitable gastric balloon. If you are more conscious regarding your budget going into the procedure, brands like Orbera® and Spatz3 might be for you. On the other hands, Allurion is the latest brand of gastric balloon in Singapore and Malaysia, and this comes with the latest innovations that make your weight loss procedure effective, safe, and less invasive. While price is important to consider, you should think of quality first and foremost. Make sure you get your money’s worth, whether you find a quality brand at an affordable price or spending a bit more for a high quality product.

Regardless of what you choose, take note that gastric balloons are temporary weight loss solutions. You need to accompany it with healthy lifestyle changes so you maintain your great results even after the balloon has gone. Also, bury at the back of your mind the negative effects of having excessive weight. Start your weightloss journey now. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure.