Gastric Band Singapore

What is “Gastric Band”?

Gastric Band, not to be confused with Gastric Bypass involves an inflatable band around the top of the stomach resulting the patient to feel fuller with lesser food intake. This is less invasive & easily reversible as compared to Gastric Bypass which revolves around the same concept of decreasing the stomach size.

Who Is It For?​

Gastric Bands are meant for obese patients with a BMI of 40+ or in some cases, it is meant for patients between 35-40 BMI with certain serious health conditions that results from obesity such as diabetes type 2.

How Does Gastric Band Work?

Think of it as a rubber band tied around your stomach. It creates a small pouch at the top section of your stomach. This reduces the stomach size, meaning to say that you will feel fuller despite consuming less food as compared to before.

This band is also adjustable by filling the band with a special liquid or to remove the liquid that is connected to the gastric band through a tube. This helps patients to moderate their food intake by either increasing or decreasing the fluids in order to make sure that the patient is losing the right amount of weight and to not overdo the weight loss process.

This surgery will be conducted using a laparoscopic method, involving several small incisions to the abdomen to insert the band, the tube to tighten or loosen the band will be stitched or stapled near your skin, when the need arrives to loosen or tighten the band, the surgeon will then make an opening to the tube to insert or reduce the special liquid.

Does It Really Work?

Based on studies, the majority of the patients that undergo this surgery do not have good results as compared to gastric sleeve & gastric bypass. Although gastric band may work, and it is a less invasive surgery as compared to gastric bypass, this surgery solely depends on the individual. A proper diet and strict regime must be exercised for it to work fully.

Are There Any Complications That I Should Be Worried About?

Gastric Band is placed outside of your stomach like a rubber band. Issues such as slippage or erosion may occur. Acid reflux, Chronic nausea and vomiting, Dilation of oesophagus, Inability to eat certain foods, Infection, Obstruction of stomach, Weight gain or failure to lose weight are some of the risks towards gastric band surgery.