Gastric Sleeve Singapore

What is “Gastric Sleeve”?

Gastric Sleeve is a procedure that involves removing 75% to 80% of your stomach, and it is the most practised weight loss surgery world-wide.

This surgery will result in a smaller stomach which will help you feel full whilst consuming lesser food. The food that you consume will not go into certain parts of your stomach and small intestines that will help in absorbing nutrients. Thus, this will result in lesser calorie and nutrient absorption in your body.

Who Is It For?​

Similar to Gastric Bypass & Gastric Bands, it is meant for Obese patients that tried all means of losing weight through diet & exercises but unable to do so. It is meant for those with BMI above 40 or those between 35 – 39 BMI with severe health conditions that are associated with Obesity such as Type 2 Diabetes and severe sleep apnea.

How Does Gastric Sleeve Work?

Not to be confused by Gastric Bypass & Gastric Bands. Gastric Sleeve is a non-reversible procedure as it involves removing 75%-80% of your stomach. This will reduce your stomach size significantly and permanently resulting in the feeling of fullness despite consuming less food than before. This surgery will involve removing the part of your stomach that produces a hunger stimulating hormone to reduce your appetite as well.

Does It Really Work?

Yes, although a gastric sleeve works, it comes at a cost. You will need to take vitamins for life as this is a non reversible procedure. It is important to consider the consequences of undergoing this surgery.

Are There Any Complications That I Should Be Worried About?

Blood clots, Gallstones, Hernia, Internal bleeding or profuse bleeding of the surgical wound, Leakage, Perforation of stomach or intestines, Skin separation, Stricture, Vitamin or iron deficiency and in rare cases complications of this surgery may be fatal.