Advanced Workout

Type: Lose Weight





Designed for obese peope, easy to do, minimal equipment

8 weeks program

30 - 45 mins

Alternate Days (3 times/ week

Advanced Workout

2 Cycles

1. Goblet Squat
5 reps

2. Standard Push Up
5 reps

3. Crunches
5 reps

4. 20s Wall Sit
5 reps

5. Dumbbel Tricep Extension
(4kg and above)
5 reps

5. Dumbbel Curls
(4kg and above)
5 reps

Things to Take Note

Complete 5 reps for each exercise
Rest 1-2 minute between cycle
Complete All 6 exercise = 1 cycle
Increase reps up to 8 reps for higher intensity
Increase cycle up to 4 cycles for higher intensity
Do not eat atleast 1 hour before workout
Do not drink too much water before workout

Exercise Options for Abs/Arms/Shoulders