How to Tell Your Boyfriend or Husband That He Is Fat Without Telling Him That He Is Fat?

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Have you been noticing your boyfriend/husband gaining some extra weight after being together for so long? Do you miss his 6-pack abs and his tight muscles you used to clutch into when watching horror movies? I bet you do. You won't be here roaming around the internet looking for "How to tell your boyfriend he is fat, without telling him he is fat". Don't worry he won't know. Only if you follow these easy unnoticeable tips to let your boyfriend/husband know that he needs to lose a few pounds.

A relationship is built from honesty and trust. With that said, being open about your thoughts on your partner’s physical appearance may put you in a tough situation. This may take several arguments and insecurities too. Even as long-time partners, it is difficult to be transparent with your other half about physical appearances, especially when it was never an issue between you two. Though it might not seem to be a problem, yet, you've been constantly looking back on your photos together when he was still lean and fit. Or your wedding album where he got to carry you down the aisle without much effort. As if there seems to be a problem after all. Those were the days you wished to take back, didn't you? As the Pussycat Doll's song said, "Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me" however on your end, it's "your boyfriend”.

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Telling your partner that they're gaining weight does not necessarily mean that you're having problems with how they look. Well, not really, but quite. Cause again, you won't reach this part if it isn't. But there are a lot of girlfriends/wives around you who can relate to the situation you're in. So, don't worry, there is no room for judgment here. Besides, you all know it's more of being concerned about the status of their health. Nevertheless, it is still a problem how to tell them about it without hurting their feelings. Even so, you still have to. So, go on. Keep reading.

Now that you've made it this far, it's time to know the answers on how you break it to your partner that they might be gaining?

How to Tell Your Husband or Boyfriend That He Is Fat?

Some men are conscious of their bodies. That is why it is common to see more men than women in fitness studios or gyms. Although, some men change their outlook regarding working out after they get into a relationship. Workout schedules are now for date nights, and morning jogs become morning cuddles with their partners.

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Speaking of morning cuddles, before his weight gain, did he ever snore when he was still in shape? Have you been waking up in front of his face with him snoring like a truck just passed by the neighborhood?

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In other cases, as a father or husband, there are more responsibilities and important things to do than making time for a workout. The only workout they have left is assisting their wife to carry their baby to sleep. And redecorating the house whenever you need a hand on some lifting chores.

At some point, everyone has experienced becoming single, and to get into a new relationship, the first step is to meet someone or to be liked by someone. For this to happen, you sure did a lot of changes physically. For some it might be a new hairstyle, trying new skincare routines, facial care, and, of course, maintaining an attractive figure. However, after finally finding your “true love” things can completely change.

Based on studies, men and women in a relationship tend to gain weight because they are not as motivated to maintain their figure when they don't have any reason to attract another mate. Then again, if the weight changes don't look healthy, maybe it is the best time to let your boyfriend know about it.


It may become the worst joke that you can tell your boyfriend if you haven’t told the fat jokes properly. So to help you with that, here are ways for you to let your partner know about their weight gain without getting into an argument.

  • Don’t mention getting into a diet

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You are one of the biggest influences that your boyfriend/husband has around him. Telling them directly to go into a diet might not be the best way to approach them. Instead, you can start by doing it yourself without asking him to.

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Like, cooking healthier meals or you can also trick him to eat at home with you. And you know what trick it is. You know it, for sure. One main reason for you to cook instead of him is because we all know that men will burn down your kitchen if they start cooking.

  • Tell him you want to eat healthily

Eating is one of the most fun parts that couples do. As they say, " A key to a man's heart is his stomach". With that in mind, eating healthy can also be as fun as eating fast food and high-calorie meals.

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Your boyfriend would love anything you cook for him, no matter how bad or good it tastes and you do love him for that too even if the food looks like the picture above.

There are tons of healthy recipes on the internet that you and your boyfriend can try out without leaving the fun out. You can also substitute your usual menu for healthier options. For example, instead of milkshakes and french fries, you can substitute them with a fruit shake and sweet potato fries.

  • Do not tease your boyfriend about his weight

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Sometimes, teasing your boyfriend may be cute, but not all the time. Especially when the jokes are getting too personal. You wouldn't want that to happen to you either.

Cut the jokes that you think aren't good for your boyfriend, mentally. Jokes like, "Are you going to eat all that?". Instead of making it a joke, you can serve him a healthy amount of the food you think is enough for him. You can also encourage him to drink more water so he can cut the amount of food he eats.

What Happened During the Relationship That Made Your Ideal Guy Become a Teddy Bear?

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Remember when you used to get butterflies on your stomach whenever you saw your suitor (aka current boyfriend) pick you up at home and dressed very handsomely in his shirt tucked in his pants, looking nice and neat? Now, he looks like Kim Jong Un.

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You might be thinking that you love him for who he is no matter what, and you're happy that he cannot attract other girls because he is happy being himself when he is with you. And no other woman would want or dare to take your boyfriend/husband away from you, unless he is a dictator of a country.

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Well, it may be fun to snuggle with a live teddy bear beside you, but this may become difficult for him in the future. For those who are planning to have a wedding ceremony, you sure have been dreaming to stand beside a charming prince who can lift you after exchanging kisses at the end of each other's vows. You wouldn’t want to give your partner a heart attack because he’s not fit to carry you. But of course, to be fair you also need to stay fit for him to carry through.

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To keep the fun going between you and your boyfriend, encourage him to practice healthier habits. Indeed, eating your usual comfort food like pizza, burgers, mac & cheese, and boba tea while watching Netflix gives more comfort when shared with your partner. However, you cannot leave your boyfriend alone if you want to help him regain his "courting days" figure.

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More than taking care of your relationship, and taking good photos together, it is also important to take care of your partner. Having a fluffy boyfriend/husband may be cute and fun to cuddle, but he also might end up with serious illnesses, like diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity. Without proper maintenance and control over food, it can get worse.

How Do I Tell My Boyfriend/Husband He Needs to Lose Weight?

There are a few fun ways to let your boyfriend know that it is time for them to lose weight. But take note, these may not work for some, though feel free to make a trial and error test to know which method will effectively work with your partner.

  • Facebook weight loss posts

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Social Media can influence people a lot and sure does your boyfriend. Look for articles that talk about weight loss and share it to your timeline, for sure after several postings, your boyfriend will eventually notice.

  • Keep junk foods away from your partner

If you are responsible for the groceries and organizing the kitchen, then you have the power to control what food you have at home. Instead of stopping him from eating junk food, you can change your grocery list and incorporate healthier stuff.

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Or find a safe place where you can keep the sweets and chips that you can use to reward him after going strong with his daily workout. Besides, cheat days are still a thing and not a sin but don’t be going around eating them behind your partner's back!

  • Shrink his clothes

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This may sound funny, but if it works, then why not? You can shrink your partner's clothes by getting them into high heat. Of course, do this when he is not at home so he won't notice. Maybe when he notices that his clothes are getting smaller, he will voluntarily try to lose some weight to fit in his clothes again.

  • Let him notice the changes

There will be a time where your partner might notice himself without you saying anything. If this happens, let him speak for himself. If he says, "I think I'm getting fat", do not answer him that he is not, tell him that you will help him solve that problem.

  • Watch weight loss shows

TV Shows make a lot of influence on people and watching shows that feature weight loss might become an interesting show to watch together. Pretend that you’re getting a lot of health tips with this TV show and try to hook him up with your alibi. You'll never know, this might inspire your partner to do something with his weight gain.

What Will Happen to You if He Is Obese?

Many women who are now reading this have already planned their future with their significant other. Such as having twins, two sets of twins, a basketball team of children, or simply having a big family together. And because of these dreams is why you need to address your partner’s weight gain. This is far more important than just physical appearance. The health of your boyfriend/husband and the health of your relationship might be at risk if they do not prevent obesity early.

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If you and your partner have been planning a future together, and have been trying several ways to successfully have a child together, then you might want to start discussing your health too. A higher body mass index (BMI) for a male can result in a low sperm count. Of course, this is not something you alone can count, so better check with professional doctors if you are having concerns. It is also more likely to have decreased sperm quality and movement, which might become a huge problem if you are planning to start a family. Also, keep in mind that low sperm quality can increase the risk of miscarriage in women.

For obese males, it might also come to a point that they may have no sperm to produce. Though there is not enough study to support that overweight and obesity can cause fertility troubles, low sperm counts can make it difficult to conceive for men.

On the other hand, for men who already have their own families, the risk of being obese may be difficult for the whole family. As the breadwinner of the family, it might be tough to be taking care of the family and dealing with health issues at the same time. Even worse, if you leave obesity unaddressed for too long, you might eventually end up being seriously ill and won't be able to support the family.

What Is True Love?

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Is love, at first sight, a form of true love? So does it mean that love at second sight isn’t? So does it mean that the former masculine boyfriend/husband has more of your attention than the now, thicker version of him? What does true love mean to you?

They say true love is loving a person with no boundaries, no judgment, and no qualifications, only an unbreakable fondness for your partner. No matter how he looks, smell, acts, sleep, and eats you will always love him beyond limits. It is a combination of both physical and emotional connections between you and your partner. Physical connection involves touch, hugs, and kisses, while emotional means getting to understand each other through good and tough times and being able to rely on each other through any circumstances.

Regardless of how much you can tell about your love for your partner, true love exists when you are ready to help your significant other maintain a better physique, not because you are not physically attracted to him, but because you want to spend a lifetime with him. Yes, your love for your partner may be unconditional, wherein it doesn't matter how big he gets, yet, wouldn't it matter more for you to see him healthy and not suffering from any illness as you spend the rest of your years together?

What Are the Solutions? Where Can You Seek Help?

There are easy and difficult ways to treat obesity, such as a healthy diet, daily workout, cutting daily calories, and taking supplements for weight loss. Even so, there are still some people who seek a faster solution to achieve major weight loss to prevent any further health complications from developing. One of these solutions is bariatric surgery or gastric bypass.

Bariatric surgery is done to help you lose excess weight and lessen the possibility of risking your life with life-threatening weight-related health problems. However, even though it has a lot of benefits, bariatric surgery also has serious risks and side effects, as it is an invasive surgery. Aside from that, you are still in need of maintaining a healthy lifestyle like proper diet and exercise before and after surgery. The good news is, there are other ways to help your partner lose weight without going through surgery.

Allurion Balloon is a gastric balloon that helps people who are facing problems with their weight like overweight and obesity. Allurion Balloon comes in the form of a pill that is swallowable and it doesn’t require any sedation nor endoscopy for removal and placement inside the stomach. It takes up space in your stomach and reduces the consumption of food and decreases your appetite. As a result, it can help you lose about 10% to 15% of your total body weight in only 4 months. Learn more about Allurion Balloon here.

It may not be a big deal for you that your partner has gained weight, but it sure is a big deal for you to see him suffer because of it. So why hesitate to take a step forward and help him become healthier? Besides, true love also means being a team and being honest to each other. If you can encourage him to live healthily, then you must do so. He would enjoy his weight loss journey better when you are there cheering him on.