MUGIS 2022: Moving towards a more holistic weight loss procedure

Credit: Malaysian Upper Gastrointestinal Surgical Society

Recently, MUGIS 2022 (Malaysian Upper Gastrointestinal Surgical Society) was held in Johor on October 8th and 9th, 2022. The purpose of the MUGIS congress is to provide updates on recent developments in the field of UGI surgery, encourage local and international speakers to share their experiences, and provide surgeons and medical professionals with networking and training opportunities. It’s been 3 years since the last MUGIS congress was conducted. At this 9th MUGIS congress, a total of 9 symposiums were shared.

During the event, a special weight loss program was showcased. The weight loss program is called the Allurion program. Allurion program is a collaboration program between Allurion and Kita Kurang. As Prof. Dato Dr Nik quotes, "The success rate of this program is high as it provides professional care for the patients."

Credit: Kita Kurang

What Exactly is the Allurion Program?

According to a study conducted every four years by the National Health and Morbidity Survey, in 2019 50.1% of Malaysians were overweight and 19.7% were obese. One out of every five adults in Malaysia has diabetes. Malaysia is renowned for its extraordinarily delicious cuisine. However, the majority of delectable foods in Malaysia are heavy in sugar and oil, resulting in an unhealthy body mass index among Malaysians. In an atmosphere abounding with tasty food temptations, this becomes one of the challenges to weight loss for Malaysians. Some individuals feel frustrated and helpless when attempting to lose weight. They eat more and more as a result of body discrimination-induced anxiety and depression. The objective of the Allurion programme is to assist Malaysians in losing weight in a more efficient, scientific, and healthy manner.

Allurion programs contain a swallowable balloon, a smartwatch, a user-friendly app, a wireless scale weight, and a delicate team to support the patient throughout the whole weight loss journey. The entire Allurion program, unlike other devices, is non-surgical and does not require anaesthesia or endoscopy. The program could help patients lose between 10 to 20 kg*. During the conversation with Dr. Theeva, she indicated that the Allurion programme could be an alternative for those who wish to lose weight without undergoing surgery. There is a video on the Allurion APAC Facebook page that highlights the MUGIS congress and has interviews with three experts regarding their perspectives on the Allurion Program.

Mugis Event

How does the Allurion Program Function?

Upon deciding to participate in the Allurion programme, patients will swallow a vegetarian capsule containing the balloon during their consultation with the surgeon. The whole duration of the process would not exceed twenty minutes.

After the patient has swallowed the capsule, the surgeon will use X-rays to check the swallowable balloon is in the correct position. The surgeon will begin filling the balloon with fluids. The liquid-filled balloon will take up a portion of the patient's stomach space. The entire procedure will end with a second X-ray examination to check the status of the filled swallowable balloon. Once the patient's status has been established, their weight loss journey officially begins.

The balloon Stays in the stomach for 4 Months

The swallowable balloon will remain in the stomach of the patient for four months. It helps to reduce the patient's food intake by maintaining a sense of fullness. A dedicated team of specialists will monitor the patient's development and diet throughout the four-month journey. The team will be able to determine the patient's condition with the use of the smartwatch and weight scale, which will record the patient's physical state and activity. The application will reflect all the information. The application will provide a variety of data, including weight, BMI percentage, muscle mass, walking steps, sleep quality, and others. The patient will be able to track and visualize their bodily changes with the help of this data, and the nutritionist will be able to make dietary recommendations accordingly.

After 4 months,

This entire procedure necessitates no more treatment or help. At this point, the majority of patients have successfully lost weight. Nonetheless, the program continues. The team will continue to assess the patient's diet and condition for the next eight months. The objective is to ensure that the patient can adjust to his or her new diet and lifestyle. This is also intended to assist the patient in maintaining or improving their weight loss efforts. This is one of the primary reasons why the Allurion programme has such a high weight loss success rate, thanks to the team of specialised nutritionists.

It’s all about Happiness

Obesity not only affects physical health, but it also affects mental health. It might lead to depression and anxiety due to a lack of self-esteem and confidence as obese people also face discrimination and body shaming from others. Losing weight not only helps obese patients to regain a healthy body, but it could also potentially help them to build up their confidence as well. In the end, it’s all about happiness. We need to know how to love ourselves no matter what size we are and to stay positive and happy. Both mental and physical health should be taken care of from time to time.