Why Diet Plays an Important Role in Weight Loss?


Provide adequate energy and nutrients to your body Well balanced diet consist of nutrient dense food. Therefore, it will provide you the energy to last throughout the day. At the same time, your body will be replenish with all the essential vitamins and minerals to keep you healthy.
Making sure that you will still feel satiable Well balanced diet consist of whole food which are satiable, and this can prevent you from feeling more hunger or snacking.
Facilitate your digestion Food that are high in fibre like fruits and vegetables aids digestion by adding bulk to your stool and ensure smooth motion.

Why Should You Include Whole Food in Your Diet?

Food Alternatives


Lower down carbohydrates intake Carbohydrates fuels your body with energy. By lowering it, it helps you to lose weight.
Do not eat 2 hours before sleeping Having too much food before sleep will cause indigestion. This will lead to bloating, abdominal pain etc.
Include Whole Food in your diet Whole food are nutrient dense and filling. But do not overeat it, as too much of any food will lead to weight gain!

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